byf music!! shrines!!

8th century cottagecore hippie

this guy... this dude... i just love him so much! surprisingly enough, he's a character of mine! specifically, a fan character for Secret of Kells (i'll make a shrine to that movie soon!). heheh yes, i can make shrines of my characters if i want :3

so basically, he's an herbalist who works at the monastery of Lindisfarne and crafts medicinal potions with mead, ale, or wine, and the most important ingredient; herbs of course!! from there, his potions treat whatever ailment one might have from travel sickness to a nasty cold. he's an eccentric old boy, often rambling to himself and laughing. but at the end of the day, his eccentricities show a hidden wisdom to himself and others.

Llewelyn's a huge comfort character of mine and not to sound completely crazy, but he's helped me through some rough patches. and for that, i have to thank him. in these trying times, it's always good to remember to be at peace like he is.