🧇📼SHƎ IS O∩ɹ ℲɹIƎNp ∀Np SHƎ IS Ɔɹ∀Z⅄¡¡¡📼🧇

when a group of friends encounter the mysterious Eleven...
they team up to fight off all sorts of baddies that dare prey on their beloved town of Hawkins, Indiana...
and meet all sorts of friends along the way...
however, Hawkins hangs in the balance

okay, so i have a little bit of a funny story as to how i began watching this show. i remember back in high school that classmates of mine would talk about this show often, but i didn't really think anything of it. however, that all changed when my friend (the one who recommended me to watch Amphibia btw, you know who you are ❤️) recommended me to watch the show just as the fourth season was coming out. and i haven't looked back since :3

i can't name a favorite character in this show, really. and that's not because i don't like them. it's because i freaking l o v e them all!! well, i do have to say Mike Wheeler frustrates me a teeny bit with how oblivious he is to Will's feelings lol. they are so well written and it tEARS mE tO piECES whenever i see them get hurt/injured or even die. the Duffer Brothers? more like the S u f f e r B r o t h e r s >:0cc

regardless, i have come to love the show very much for its loveable characters, charming 80s nostalgia, and thrilling action sequences. all i have to do it wait until 2024 for Season 5 to come out ughgughgughuhghhg ;w; *dies cutely*