when a young aspiring huntress named Robyn Goodfellowe meets the werewolf-like Mebh...
her worldview is entirely changed...
as she becomes the creature the rest of society fears

remember when i said Cartoon Saloon has improved over time? this is what i'm talking about. i saw this movie multiple times over the course of a few months in late 2020 through various online film festivals and even got a chance to see in a movie theater near where i live (which is lit cuz i live in a small rural town when all the other theaters showing it are in cities far away). and everytime i saw it, i saw something new about it and thus appreciated it all the more!

everything about this movie is a thrill ride. Robyn's arc is just,, amazing as she abandons the literally Puritan societal expectations of her. every minute of the film, i feel for her, whether it be anxiety, sadness, anger, or joy. especially in the last twenty minutes of the movie (spoiler warning!). it is I N T E N S E as Robyn and Mebh rally the wolf pack to fight off the forces of the Lord Protector (obviously Oliver Cromwell). and can i just say Robyn and Mebh's relationship is just super wholesome? it honestly doesn't really matter if you see them as future girlfriends or as close and dear friends, it's just wholesome no matter what headcanon you have for them ;A;

this movie shares a hell of a lot of elements with The Secret of Kells, but any complaint i had previously is just erased in Wolfwalkers. the art and animation is just beautiful to look at. and with Oliver Cromwell as the main villain of the movie, Cartoon Saloon has provided a glimpse to the horrible colonization Ireland went through under English rule. to put it simply, Cartoon Saloon is reaching its zenith.

Princess Mononoke White Wolf 2