byf music!! shrines!!

cool art teacher spices up dingy monastery

but just a frame isn't enough, here's a clip from this movie, too!

set in 802 AD Ireland, a young apprentice named Brendan lives locked away in a monastery from the rest of the world by the somber Abbot Cellach, who is desperate to build a wall around the community of Kells before Vikings arrive. but when Brother Aidan, an eccentric and well-experienced illuminator, arrives, Brendan is enthralled by the old monk's skills that he vows to help his new teacher finish a decades-long project known as the Book of Iona, or later the Book of Kells.

i first watched this movie out of curiosity in January 2017 on Netflix and just fell in love with it! and since i watched it at the very beginning of Trump's presidency, it really comforted me during that time (of course, 2020 makes 2016-2017 look like a field day). through this movie, i met a few people whom i would consider to be my friends (you know who you are, my dear pettifoggers. we've been through everything together, bad times and good times. thank you, my dudes ❤️). Secret of Kells also made my art style look the same (oopsies) but what the hell, cringe culture is dead. this movie also sparked an interest in Celtic, Norse (tho tbh, it was already kinda there), and Anglo-Saxon culture and language (i could tell you about the Venerable Bede because of this). so really, this movie shaped a lot of who i am today, and i have to thank Tomm Moore and his studio for making this beautiful movie.