byf music!! shrines!!

lesbian wolves maul Oliver Cromwell

of course, Cartoon Saloon has outdone itself in art once again! but the animation is just *chef's kiss* beautiful!

during the Cromwellian occupation of Ireland, a renowned wolf hunter, Bill Goodfellowe, and his daughter, Robyn Goodfellowe, are stationed at Kilkenny to eliminate the local pack of wolves to make way for more farmland. while Bill attends his duties, Robyn finds life in the city suffocating until she meets Mebh, a Wolfwalker, a member of a tribe said to turn into a wolf whenever she sleeps. as they become friends, Robyn finds herself and her worldview completely changed.

in March 2017, i happened to watch a concept trailer for this movie and i just knew that i was in for a real treat when it was released. every now and then as i waited over the next three years, i would stalk Tomm Moore's Twitter page and gush over the leaked bits of concept art and animation. in the meantime, i would talk with my friend, discussing theories and release dates (especially release dates). finally, in 2020, Wolfwalkers was released at TIFF. unfortunately, i missed it (and i cried for basically the rest of the day, oof). but a little patience goes a long way! i managed to see it at the AFI Film Festival and actually recently (currently writing on 11/22/20) caught it at a movie theater near where i live, which was amazing!! mainly because i live in a pretty small town in the mountains and like any BIG city is like two to three hours away, which i was really afraid that Wolfwalkers would only show up in those kinds of areas, but it didn't! i got to see it in theaters after all!! don't worry, i wore my mask and washed my hands thoroughly!

and tbh, i think i like Wolfwalkers more than The Secret of Kells, and that's saying something! SOK had the problem of being really really REALLY short with a run time of an hour and eighteen minutes, so there wasn't enough time to really know the characters (but i can forgive it, Cartoon Saloon was just starting out and had a lower budget). but in Wolfwalkers, it has a much longer run time and bigger budget and therefore, more time to be immersed in the world and know the characters more. and i just love the results! Wolfwalkers imo, is the best film Cartoon Saloon has ever made yet!