you must have come a long way to find my site. so why don't you take a small stop here and look around? it isn't much but i call it home :3

  • name: Giz
  • age: 22
  • d.o.b.: 11/9/01
  • gender: nonbinary woman/genderdoe/xenogender (xenogenders to be listed later)
  • pronouns: they/fae/she
  • sexuality: greysexual/omnisexual
  • zodiac: scorpio

hullo! i am a college student from a small artsy town majoring in history for my bachelor's and library science as well as medieval religion and English folklore for my master's degrees. with these degrees, i hope to seclude myself in an old library endlessly looking through old relics and translating manuscripts, returning home to my dearest inside a cottage in the British countryside.

i am also an artist and writer. currently, my art is mainly a hobby. however, perhaps one day i will turn it into a source for extra money in the form of commissions. but for now, my art is a form of self-expression i share with the public for free and for fun. as for writing, i do plan on publishing a historical murder mystery series called The Tagstead Mysteries sometime soon.

other hobbies include playing Dungeons & Dragons with friends, lurking around town mysteriously dressed as a hare, and screaming into the void