Welcome To Nottamun!!

hello there, traveler! and welcome to Nottamun!

Nottamun is my little spot away from the dregs of mainstream social media. it's a digital home in the literal sense without the connotation of the encroaching capitalist metaverse. Nottamun is also where i chronicle my art, stories, interests, and other things i love and cherish. in other words, Nottamun is a journal of mine made more public (but without the restrictions of the mainstream public).

while Nottamun is my home here on the internet, you are more than welcome to explore around here for as long as you like. thank you very much for coming by ❤️☘️✒️🌼

meaning of name: Nottamun - refers to the folk song, "Nottamun Town," consisting of surreal lyrics and topsy-turvy imagery, thought to hearken back to the ancient mumming tradition of England although some scholars and folklorists say it dates to early colonial America. nonetheless, "Nottamun Town" is a mysterious song indeed.


to-do list

  • add blinkies and stamps to home page
  • write about page
  • start collections page (toybox, expanded oc lore, art, writing/fanfic, etc)

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A group of owls is called a parliament.

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