About Me!


  • name: Giz
  • age: 22 (11/09/01)
  • gender: fem-aligned enby and xenogender
  • pronouns: they/fae/she
  • sexuality: greysexual/omni
  • zodiac: scorpio

hello there! my name's Giz (or Jules, but Giz is my main moniker). i'm a 22yr old queer creechur disguised as a college student lurking around the internet and making my own little home here. i'm a history major looking to get a master's in library science and then study further in either medieval studies or British folklore as both of those subjects hold a very special place in my heart (that's the neurotypical way of saying those are my special interests to the point where they encapsulate my entire identity). alongside that, i'm a hobbyist artist and writer who's very autistic about their ocs and small fandoms i partake in. i don't have a lot else to say about myself as that may spoil the purpose of Nottamun, but to put it simply, i'm a product of what i love and also a product of my traumas and i show it all here ❤️



domestic cats, snow leopards, tigers, seals, hares, rabbits, badgers, deer, wolves, red pandas, platypus, goats, sheep, mantis shrimp, isopods, sharks, dogs, pigeons, corvids, and a whole lot of others i forgot to mention lol


the Cartoon Saloon Irish folklore trilogy (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, and Wolfwalkers), The Wicker Man, Night on the Galactic Railroad, The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Kung Fu Panda series, The Dark Crystal, and The Death of Stalin


Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Amphibia, Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Derry Girls, Blue Eye Samurai, Agatha Christie's Poirot, Brother Cadfael, All Creatures Great and Small, and Father Brown


Steeleye Span, Fleet Foxes, Car Seat Headrest, The Oh Hellos, Simon and Garfunkel, Tim Buckley, Jackson C. Frank, Banshee, femtanyl, Current 93, Neutral Milk Hotel, Heilung, and a whole lot of others


Warrior Cats (first arc), Watership Down, and the Sister Fidelma series


journaling, art, writing, reading (when i have the time lol), scrapbooking, and keeping trinkets

special interests

art, animation, history, medieval history, British folklore, religion (especially Christianity, paganism, Hinduism, and Buddhism), and true crime