• w3 schools!! - has all of the tutorials you need to learn HTML!
  • myNoise - need some quiet for yourself for meditation, studying, writing, drawing, or anything else? myNoise provides some awesome ambient noise to help you concentrate. some noise generators may require a donation, but a good chunk of them are free to listen to!
  • Cool Text Graphics Generator - provides fancy text for your webpage, comic, etc
  • dafont.com - all the fonts you need provided here!
  • GifCities - has a bunch of old gifs from the days of GeoCities
  • Fantasy Name Generators - need a name for your oc or fictional location? Fantasy Name Generator has tons of names for you to pick or take inspiration from!
  • love the graphics - a website full of graphics for your website, Toyhouse, Tumblr, etc :3
  • Online Background Noises - another ambient noise website for your meditation, writing, studying, reading, or drawing needs! :3
  • gifcity - a website for more graphic resources :3
  • The 88x31 GIF Collection - all the buttons you need!!


  • Picrew - very much like dress-up/character creator games of old, but you can use these pictures as pfps on your social media, website, or whereever! you can also create your own picrew game there too!
  • Radio Garden - pick any location on the globe and you'll get their local radio stations!
  • Library of Babel - a website progressing towards a universal library based on Jorge Luis Borges' book The Library of Babel. browse the contents of the books there as well as search for random phrases within the books
  • eyebleach.me - have you seen something so disturbing there's no way to unsee it? this website provides pictures of all sorts of cute animals to help you unsee what you have seen
  • Find Jack Walten - the mysterious website dedicated to the disappearance to the co-founder of Bunny Smiles, Inc. and Bon's Burgers, Jack Walten :0c
  • Wonder of Wonder Art - draw your oc and they'll do a funni little dance :3 here's mine for example :3