08/03/2023 - slowly but surely

as you can see, i've been updating this website after abandoning it once again. previously, i had this indie kid aesthetic going on before changing the theme and changing the theme again. as of right now, a simple cottagecore/goblincore fits me most and has been the most consistent style with me tbh.

i've also been making a comeback to DeviantArt after abandoning it and tbh i think it's worth it. that might be the core membership talking because of customization options and protection from AI lol but it's still true. i still have my home on instagram tho and even tho Zuck likes selling my data, i have my friends there. not to mention, one of my favorite artists ever followed me on DA even tho i haven't posted much.

i'm not quite sure if i'll be consistent with this blog because i like posting my thoughts on my instagram story where it disappears after 24 hours but i thought i'd start one here anyways to get a feel for that old web vibe of having a virtual diary :3